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The Nintendo 64 magazines

Austria 101% Nintendo 64 1 Issues
An Austrian magazine focused entirely on the Nintendo 64 which had only one issue released.

United Kingdom 64 Extreme 8 Issues
An English magazine focused entirely on the Nintendo 64.

Germany 64 Gamer ?? Issues
A German magazine solely focused on the Nintendo 64.

Germany 64 Instructor ?? Issues
A German magazine offering only walkthroughs for Nintendo 64 and Game Boy games. Equivalent to French magazine 64 Player.

United Kingdom 64 Magazine 54 Issues
An English magazine focused entirely on the Nintendo 64.

France 64 Player 8 Issues
A magazine with more walkthroughs than actuality

Germany 64 Power 29 Issues
64 Power is a German magazine focused on the Nintendo 64 which became big.N by the end of 1999. At the beginning, it is the German equivalent to 64 Magazine.

France 64 Soluces 9 Issues
A magazine containing only walkthroughs and cheats for Nintendo 64 games.

United Kingdom 64 Solutions 13 Issues
A N64-only English magazine focused on games walkthroughs, by the team of 64 Magazine.

Germany 64 Strategien ?? Issues
A German magazine focused on cheats and walkthroughs for Nintendo 64 games.

Brazil Ação Games ?? Issues
Ação Games is a multi-format Brazilian magazine published between 1991 and 2002.

France Actu & Soluces 64 5 Issues
A magazine 100% Nintendo-oriented with the first news about Game Boy Advance and GameCube, and fanboy-ish content. It appeared after the disparition of Gameplay 64, by the same editor.

United Kingdom Arcade 24 Issues
An English multi-format magazine.

Germany big.N 19 Issues
big.N is a German magazine focused on Nintendo systems and is the successor of 64 Power.

France CD Consoles 54 Issues
A multi-console magazine, mainly focused on CD-based console but the tests were a little "oriented" for the PlayStation and against the rest...

Germany Club Nintendo ?? Issues
Official German Nintendo magazine

Spain Club Nintendo ?? Issues
Official Spanish Nintendo Magazine.

Sweden Club Nintendo 1 Issues
The official Swedish Club Nintendo magazine.

United Kingdom Computer and Video Games 255 Issues
Computer and Video Games is the first video games magazine released in Europe in 1981. It was published in a paper-form until 2004 and then ten more years as a website only before ceasing its activities.

France Consoles + 255 Issues
A multi-format magazine, launched in 1990 as a Tilt's special issue. It is mainly known for its high notations, rarely going under 70% even for the worst craps.