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The Nintendo 64 magazines

United Kingdom Maximum ?? Issues
British magazine published in 1996 and 1997 that covered with deep details the games from every system.

Portugal Mega Score 139 Issues
A Portuguese video games magazine.

United States Megafan ?? Issues
A multi-system magazine focused on games walkthroughs

Germany MegaFun 101 Issues
A multi-format German magazine.

Netherlands N Magazine 16 Issues
Dutch magazine originally released under the title N64 Magazine, it is the local equivalent of the English magazine of the same name, published under the name X64 in France.

Germany N-Zone 53 Issues
German magazine focused on Nintendo systems, still active nowadays.

United Kingdom N64 59 Issues
An English magazine focused on Nintendo consoles, became NGC Magazine afterwards.

Germany N64 Bible 3 Issues
German magazines composed only of walkthroughs and tips for N64 games

Australia N64 Gamer 41 Issues
An Australian magazine focused on the Nintendo 64, renamed Nintendo Gamer at the end of Nintendo 64's lifecycle.

Germany N64 Games Guide 1 Issues
A German magazine that had only one volume published.

Germany N64 Magazin 15 Issues
A German magazine focused only on the Nintendo 64, equivalent to English N64 or French X64.

United Kingdom N64 Pro 36 Issues
An English magazine focused on the Nintendo 64, becomes Nintendo Pro at volume 33.

Germany N64 Reviews Guide 2 Issues
A German magazine that had a very short lifespan.

Australia N64 Solutions 7 Issues
N64 Solutions is a spin-off from N64 Gamer magazine, focused on Nintendo 64 games walkthroughs.

United States Next Generation 85 Issues
A multi-format magazine more focused on the games industry and the artistic side of video games rather than the games themselves.

Argentina Next Level ?? Issues
An Argentinian multi-system magazine.

Germany neXt Level 41 Issues
German multi-format magazine published during the second half of the 90's.

United Kingdom NGC Magazine 20 Issues
A magazine replacing the N64 Magazine, dedicated to the GameCube. There were also the last information about the N64 and the Gameboy.

Spain Nintendo Accion 228 Issues
The Official Spanish Nintendo magazine, renamed Revista Oficial Nintendo from issue 229 in December 2011.

Germany Nintendo Codebook 1 Issues
A German magazine containing only cheat codes for N64 games.