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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of Nintendo64EVER?

Nintendo64EVER tries to gather on a single website all the information available about games, packagings, accessorie, magazines and goodies related to the Nintendo 64.
In addition, Nintendo64EVER offers hundreds of videos and music, as well as several thousand screenshots and magazine scans, to provide you with absolutely all the information you need about Nintendo 64.

Why do the French X64 magazine ratings displayed on the site not match the test ratings?

It's simple, I chose to use the updated notes presented in the form of a list in issue 28.

How to read N64ever's ratings?

from 0 to 9: supreme crap, every second of this game is an insult to the players that we are.

from 10 to 19: catastrophic.

from 20 to 29: very bad, too ugly or too jerky to be playable.

from 30 to 39: bad, you really have to force yourself to play it.

from 40 to 49: medium -, big flaws, but you can have fun with it.

from 50 to 59: medium +, we start to find some interesting games.

from 60 to 69: good, but will not be unanimous.

from 70 to 79: very good, small technical or gameplay flaws.

from 80 to 89: excellent, not much is missing to make it an essential.

from 90 to 100: essential!

How to read magazines' ratings?

Here we speak mainly about the French magazines as these are the ones we know the better. At the time, many magazines rated between 80 and 100. This is the case for Gameplay 64, Consoles +, Player One up to number 93 or Nintendo Official Magazine. You should know that for these magazines, a game rated 80% is very often less than average or even bad! Games rated below 80% are obviously the worst, although it is quite rare to see such ratings in these magazines. Tell yourself that only games rated over 90% are worth it!

I can't read the miniUSF files.

USF files are music files. To read them, there are plugins for Winamp and Foobar. You will find these plugins on this page

Where do the screenshots come from?

They were made especially for N64ever! Sometimes when they are available, we post official screenshots.

You have magazines? games? a scanner? some videos?

Post your scans and videos on the forum, we'll take care of the rest.