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The Project 800: on the road to Nintendo64EVER's V3

I told you at the beginning of the year about "Project 800", leaving suspense on what this famous project was. It is time to lift the veil on the subject. In short, this is the code name I gave to the development of Nintendo64EVER V3, which will be the site's biggest update since 2011, when the site's V2 was released! But ... why call it "Project 800" you're wondering? Well, it's January 26, 2021, and in 800 days it'll be April 6, 2023, Nintendo64EVER's 15th anniversary date. To mark the event, I therefore decided to launch a major project to update and complete the site.

The priority of this new version will be to make Nintendo64EVER completely compatible with mobile phones. This is an aspect that I had deliberately put aside for a very long time (because I don't like it ^^) to concentrate on the development of new features but it is now more than time to get down to it.

This will obviously not be the only novelty. The design of the site will be completely revised. You have already noticed some small changes on some pages such as game sheets or accessories, this is just the beginning. Of course, Nintendo64EVER will always keep its assumed retro look, no question of making it another of those sites without identity which all look like a Wordpress. Some new features will be made visible directly, others will only be visible at the end of the project. Moreover, the 800 days announced are mostly symbolic, it is possible and even likely that all updates will be completed before April 6, 2023, which will not prevent the event from being celebrated as it should.

All the features related to the members of the site will be reviewed and improved, from registration (which will no longer necessarily go through the forum) to collection management, including the dynamic content editor that I would really like to make the most user-friendly possible to make it easy for anyone to write articles or tests. Although the site has been around for almost thirteen years, it has not yet managed to retain a small community around it, the somewhat deserted message board being the most obvious proof. And the board, let's talk about it. It's been there from the start, has already undergone several redesigns, a complete cleanup of messages, sometimes messy updates but in the end, its contribution is relatively weak. Considering that, we still hesitate to keep it, by improving it, as a separate entity (a registration on the site would not automatically be a registration on the board and vice versa) or to throw it away to take the easy option and open a dedicated Facebook group. The reflection is underway and the final decision will not be for now.

If you have ideas for interesting new features to integrate into the site, please let us know, either via the contact form or directly on the message board. I read and answer everything but that does not necessarily mean that all the proposals will be included in the new version of the site.

This big project does not only concern technical updates, the content is also concerned. For a few weeks now, we (the three administrators) have put a big boost on the completion of a maximum of missing data concerning games, bundles, accessories, goodies, magazines, descriptions, tests, ... Getting to a 100% complete database is impossible (how do you find the release date of a game revision for example?), but the goal is to get closer to the maximum. On this point, you can all help us! If you have missing information that would allow us to complete a game sheet, photos, versions of games that we would not know, scans of boxes or magazines, ... In short, any missing information is welcome to improve Nintendo64EVER content.

Another area for improving the site that I would like to develop is the multilingual aspect. Currently, it exists in French (normal as it's my mother tongue) and in English (although there are still some translations missing in images and videos descriptions). Functionally, it is possible to translate Nintendo64EVER into any language, as long as one or more motivated people have the courage to do the translation. If you can speak a language other than French and English correctly and are willing to help Nintendo64EVER develop, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Please note, I have to be transparent: it's a huge job that may require several tens of hours of work. But it is also a task that will offer you my immense eternal gratitude, and that is priceless! :)

As you can see, there is work to be done and we are not going to be idle. The site admin team is currently made up of three people: Zestorm, who has been there from the start, justAplayer, who joined the team in 2015 and myself, LordSuprachris. If you want to join the Team and make your contribution, do not hesitate to contact me directly. If you have a site dedicated to video games, Nintendo 64 or not, and want to do a link exchange or partnership, same here, get in touch with me. If you make videos on YouTube dedicated to Nintendo 64 games and also want to share them on Nintendo64EVER, you can contact me too.