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The Nintendo 64 magazines

Germany Nintendo Fun Vision ?? Issues
A German magazine focused on Nintendo created consoles.

Australia Nintendo Gamer 21 Issues
An Australian magazine focused on Nintendo. Mainly focused on GameCube et GameBoy Advance, there are some articles about N64's end of life.

Australia Nintendo Magazine System 89 Issues
The first edition of the official Australian Nintendo magazine.

United Kingdom Nintendo Official Magazine 162 Issues
The official English Nintendo magazine, first named Nintendo Magazine System, then Nintendo Magazine, before taking its final name.

United States Nintendo Power ?? Issues
An American magazine focused solely on Nintendo created consoles. There's a lot of walkthroughs but on the other side reviews are generally a half-page long.

Brazil Nintendo World ?? Issues
The most popular magazine focused on Nintendo created consoles in South America, it is still active nowadays.

United Kingdom Nintendo World ?? Issues
An unofficial magazine focused on Nintendo systems, it merged with N64 in november 2000.

France Player One ?? Issues
One of the most popular video games magazine in the 90's in France, still considered today as a reference.

France Playmag ?? Issues
A multi-format magazine regrettably too much pro-Sony in the articles.

United States Q64 ?? Issues
An American magazine dedicated to the Nintendo 64 which had an irregular rhythm of publication.

France Screen Fun ?? Issues
A French multi-format magazine, very favorable to Sony systems at the expense of Nintendo and Sega ones.

Spain Screen Fun ?? Issues
A Spanish multi-format magazine.

France SOS 64 2 Issues
SOS 64 is a walkthroughs magazine, published by the Consoles News team, which has had a very short lifespan.

United Kingdom Super Play 47 Issues
British independent magazine dedicated to the Super Nintendo which covers the news preceding the release of the Nintendo 64 but unfortunately ceases its activities shortly before the machine arrives in stores.

France Super Power 47 Issues
A magazine specialized in Nintendo systems, it stopped around the launch of the Nintendo 64 in France.

Japan The 64 Dream ?? Issues
A Japanese magazine focused on the Nintendo 64.

United States Tips & Tricks ?? Issues
A magazine dedicated to walkthroughs

United Kingdom Total 64 ?? Issues
An English magazine focused entirely on the Nintendo 64.

United Kingdom Total Control 11 Issues
A multi-format magazine.

New-Zealand Total Games ?? Issues
Total Games is a multi-format magazine published in New-Zealand.