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Nintendo64EVER needs

Site's needs

A designer

We are eagerly looking for a designer who is motivated to make Nintendo64EVER visually appealing, while retaining the “old-school” look that sticks to the Nintendo 64 era.

A graphist

We are looking for a graphic designer to draw icons and some "skin" elements for the site.

English translations checker

Although I am completely bilingual French / English, I am not infallible either. We are therefore looking for someone to check the site in English, the translations, etc., and let us know about any oversights or errors.

Other languages translators

Eventually, we would like to translate the site in as much different languages as possible, the main ones being English, German, Italian and Spanish. But if you speak fluently some other languages (Scandinavian languages, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, ...), don't hesitate to get in touch with us! :)

Necesseray money for the site

No money needed to keep the site up :)

The donators

Date Donator Amount
2010-09-09 LordSuprachris 14.33
2014-12-19 justAplayer 14.33

Game of the moment

Triple Play 2000

Triple Play 2000 est un jeu de baseball disposant de la licence officielle MLB pour la saison 1999.

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