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The Nintendo64EVER site team

Development director : LordSuprachris (webmaster, administrator, base concept)

Media and redactional director : Zestorm (Content responsible, video encoder, main scanner)
Te first person to thank, without hs help the site would be far away from what it is today. He broadcasted nearly the whole launching content for Nintendo64EVER and keeps on his wonderful work!

Administrator : justAplayer (mainly on media and descriptions)

Beta-tester : Wabs

Many thanks to (in alphabetical order) :

  • Bugsy : for his Super Mario 64 test.
  • Gatchan77 : for his pictures of Nintendo 64 bundles.
  • grand_guerrier : for his Nintendo 64 history (in French).
  • Jimmy130 : for his videos on Youtube he lets us use free.
  • LiNk : for the lot of box scans he provided.
  • lv555 : the icons on the site are from him!
  • Nillew : for the majority of information about Brazilian games.
  • Rom1 : for his magazines scans.
  • Wabs : for the lot of box scans he provided.