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Nintendo64EVER, that's THE reference about Nintendo 64, its web-encyclopaedia. You'll find here various and numerous content : all the games released on the machine everywhere in the world, hundreds of exclusive videos, thousands of pictures and magazines scans, tests and walkthroughs for more than half of the games, as well as articles written by our members. This site is also yours, Nintendo 64 fans or only curious to (re-)discover this machine. Don't hesitate to register, take part in our message board, and write tests, articles and walkthroughs online, using our dynamic content editor.

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05/05/2021 : The unreleased games pages are redesigned (by LordSuprachris)
Nintendo64EVER has more than 200 unreleased games cancelled in development for our beloved Nintendo 64. For some, we just know that they have been in development, for others, we have previews, videos of beta versions found, artworks, even some tests! All of this information was a bit disorganized on one page per game. Now, as we do for commercial games, all of this data is spread over several, more ventilated sub-pages, to give you access to the information you are looking for more quickly

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29/04/2021 : New layout for games pages (by LordSuprachris)
The games pages are getting a new look. The presentation of technical data, scans of boxes and their contents, description texts, tests, tips, walkthroughs, screenshots, ... Everything has been dusted and aired, some information has been splitted on several sub-pages to improve their readability. I let you discover all these changes and do not hesitate to share your impressions on the forum.

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21/04/2021 : Split of screenshots, advertisements and artworks (by LordSuprachris)
Formerly grouped together in a single series of pages, the images of the site are now separated on three distinct pages, respectively showing all the screenshots, the game advertisements and the artworks illustrating Nintendo 64 games.

For now, only global pages are splitted, the same separation is being developed for game image pages, as well as other improvements.

The pages showing all the videos, the music, the magazine walkthroughs, the previews, the advertising folders and the video game shows have also undergone a first facelift.

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07/04/2021 : New updated pages (by LordSuprachris)
I updated the design of several pages of the site including the statistics or the links section, enriched by several interesting sites. The most important page to have been reworked is the one containing all the member tests of Nintendo64EVER, now much more readable and pleasant to navigate.

You don't see a major difference on this last page? It's because nobody has written a test in English yet :'( I take this opportunity to remind that all registered members can write their own tests, articles and solutions on Nintendo64EVER, do not hesitate to take the plunge!

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26/03/2021 : New layout for the lists of games (by LordSuprachris)
New evolution of the site today with the adapted and split page layout of the Nintendo 64 games, the 64DD games and the iQue Player games.

The boxes in the right column have also undergone a slight relifting.

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14/03/2021 : Magazine 64: the year 1999 is on Nintendo64EVER (by LordSuprachris)
The issues of Magazine 64 released in 1999 are available (almost) in full on the site. We are still missing a few pages in some issues to be complete. The booklets offered with the magazines have also been scanned and posted online. Happy reading ... or good translation from Spanish ;-)

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07/03/2021 : Alignment of the list of games with the Nintendo 64 Anthology (by LordSuprachris)
Nintendo64EVER and Nintendo 64 Anthology, the most comprehensive and detailed Nintendo 64 book, differed on the number of different games released for the console. We had 385, the author of the book referenced 388. After discussion with Mathieu Manent and other people on a group of N64 fans, I decided to align the database on the list in the Nintendo 64 Anthology.
From now on, you will find J-League Live 64, Haruka Naru Augusta Masters '98 and Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 on their own pages and no longer linked to FIFA 64, Waialae Country Club: True Golf Classics and WCW vs. NWO: World Tour respectively.

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23/02/2021 : New page for the articles (by LordSuprachris)
The page presenting the articles written about the Nintendo 64 by the members of Nintendo64EVER has a new look. It now also includes the few tutorials written at the very beginning of the site.

If you also wish to write articles, files, tutorials, tests or solutions for Nintendo64EVER, do not hesitate to register (still via the forum as of now) and to use the dynamic content editor located in your personal space, accessible to registered members.

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14/02/2021 : New pages for developers and publishers (by LordSuprachris)
The pages concerning Nintendo 64 games developers and publishers are getting a makeover! Prettier, more dynamic, they now list not only the games released on our favorite console but also those abandoned in development and the ports of Nintendo 64 games released on later consoles. These pages replace the old "Games by developer" and "Games by publisher" pages which were rather austere and not very visible.

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05/02/2021 : Spanish magazines scans delivery (by LordSuprachris)
Some time ago I was able to get my hands on scans of Spanish magazines Magazine 64, the equivalent of N64 in the land of sangria. After some reframing work, I started uploading them to Nintendo64EVER and list the tests, previews, solutions and articles present in them. You can already find the first twelve numbers, all the year 1998, marked by the release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Meanwhile, I adapted the Music page to include the audio player directly rather than in a pop-up. The general design will be reviewed later but you can at least listen to your favorite mp3s easily. The FAQ page has also undergone a small facelift. Still 790 days to finish the job! :)

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