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Nintendo64EVER, that's THE reference about Nintendo 64, its web-encyclopaedia. You'll find here various and numerous content : all the games released on the machine everywhere in the world, hundreds of exclusive videos, thousands of pictures and magazines scans, tests and walkthroughs for more than half of the games, as well as articles written by our members. This site is also yours, Nintendo 64 fans or only curious to (re-)discover this machine. Don't hesitate to register, take part in our message board, and write tests, articles and walkthroughs online, using our dynamic content editor.

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26/04/2024 : New games variations discovered (by LordSuprachris)
If you come to the site regularly, you have probably noticed that after a long period of calm, new variations have been added to the site for a few weeks, at a rate of one every 10 days or so.
Why such a delay? To give time for robots from different search engines to index new pages and for visitors to notice them.
Where do all these variations come from? Legitimate question because we thought we had a practically complete database when we crossed the 1300 mark, then those of 1500 and today we are approaching 1700! It was thanks to the help of another Nintendo 64 collector, nh4land, who shared the fruit of his research with me, while I also discovered new ones of my own during our discussions. A big thanks to him :)
If you are a collector specializing in Nintendo 64 and you spot missing versions of games, bundles or accessories, do not hesitate to imitate him and share your information with us to make the site as complete as possible.

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12/03/2024 : Correction for games released in Switzerland (by LordSuprachris)
When the site was launched, games with a serial number ending in "-FRG" were cataloged as German version games, like games with a serial number ending in "-NOE". When both codes existed for certain games, the "-FRG" version was simply cataloged as "alt. serial" without further ado.
Although I learned over ten years ago that the "-FRG" code was used on games distributed in Switzerland and Austria, I never took the few minutes of time necessary to rectify this on the site!
This error has now been corrected and you will therefore be able to find the list of Nintendo 64 games released in Switzerland in their rightful place.

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06/03/2023 : The Nintendo64EVER v3 is delayed. (by LordSuprachris)
Hello all.
The deadline set for the launch of the Project 800, namely the fifteenth anniversary of the site, is getting closer and we have to face the facts: the new version of the site will never be ready in time, even if I devoted ten hours a day to it :'(
Rather than releasing a half-finished half-baked thing, I'd rather postpone this big update for as much time as it takes to complete it. The changes made are much more important than originally planned in the beginning, both technically and functionally, which will still require a lot of hours of work from me.
But in the end, what's wrong with being late when it comes to the Nintendo 64? :)

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02/10/2022 : N64 Today (by Zestorm)

If you're looking for a N64 website with news, reviews, you can check on N64 Today :

Enjoy :)

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25/01/2022 : Problems on the board (by LordSuprachris)
Since last week, we encounter some problems to post messages on the board. Despite all our efforts, we couldn't manage to find the root cause of these errors yet.

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03/01/2022 : New Nintendo 64 games variations added. (by LordSuprachris)
To mark the transition to the year 2022, I added three new variants of Nintendo 64 games that were still missing on the site at once. Including the Nintendo 64DD and iQue Player games, there are now 1654 titles that you can find in the list of Nintendo 64 games. I think we are approaching full completeness now ... Even though I was already thinking that when we hit the 1300 and 1500 titles marks previously :)

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31/10/2021 : EGM magazines (by Zestorm)
All the N64 content of the EGM magazine is now on N64ever. You will find each preview, review and walkthrough published on the site!

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31/10/2021 : Cheats (by Zestorm)
I've added many cheats to a lot of games.
There're still work to do before every game is completed.

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15/07/2021 : The magazines section gets updated (by LordSuprachris)
Today it is the turn of the pages devoted to the series of magazines to benefit from a new layout. Now you can find the scans, supplements, tests, solutions, previews and articles published in each magazine on separate, clearer and more readable pages.

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01/07/2021 : Addition of the Super Play magazines (by LordSuprachris)
We have added the last issues of the UK magazine Super Play. Magazine dedicated to the Super Nintendo, it covered the announcements and the long wait before the arrival of the Nintendo 64 but ceased publication in September 1996, before the release of the system in Europe.

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