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The Nintendo 64 accessories

The accessories released in Europe

Action Replay

Action Replay

Arcade Stick

Arcade Shark

Combo Memory-card with Rumble Pak

Advanced Jolt Pack 2-in-1
LX4 Tremor Pack
Shock Memory Pack

Expansion Pak

Expansion Pak
Video Ram Booster Pack

Extension Cable

AccessLine Extension64
Extension Cable

Game Booster

Game Booster

Memory card

Controller Memory Pak
Controller Pak
Mega Memory Card
Memory 64 DLX 1MB
Memory Card Plus

Official blue Nintendo 64 controller

Blue controller
Manette bleue
Manette bleue

Official clear blue Nintendo 64 controller

Clear Blue Controller

Official clear purple Nintendo 64 controller

Clear Purple Controller

Official gray Nintendo 64 controller

Grey controller
Grey controller (reprint)

Official green Nintendo 64 controller

Green controller

Official red Nintendo 64 controller

Red controller

Official yellow Nintendo 64 controller

Yellow controller

Other Nintendo 64 official controllers

Manette Nintendo 64 / Nintendo Switch Online
Pokemon blue and yellow controller

RF Switch

Nintendo 64 RF Switch

RGB Cable

S-Video cable

Racing wheel

G64 Controller
G64 Steering Wheel
Hyper Steering 64
LX4 steering Wheel
Nintendo 64 racing wheel
Race 32 / 64
Race Leader 64
Racing System RS
Top Gear
V3 Racing Wheel
VRF1 X-Cellerator
Vortex Wheel

Rumble Pak

Force Pack
Nintendo Rumble Pak
Shock Pack
Stunner Pack

Transfer Pak

Transfer Pak

Universal adaptor

N64 Passport
SFX 64
Universal N64 Game Converter

Unofficial Nintendo 64 controller

Blue Easy 64 controller
Flight Force Pro 64
Grey Easy 64 controller
MakoPad 64
Red Easy 64 controller
Sharkpad Pro 64
Turbo controller


The picture of the Z64 (Europe) accessory