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The Nintendo 64 magazines

Spain Games World 14 Issues
A Spanish magazine focused on the Nintendo systems.

United States GameShark Magazine 7 Issues
GameShark Magazine, previously Dangerous Waters, is a magazine published by InterAct focused on the GameShark and the cheat codes you can use with this device.

France Gamespot Magazine 1 Issues
French multisupports magazine, special issue focused on video games from the magazine PC Expert, in collaboration with the website

Austria GAMExpress 4 Issues
GAMExpress is a generic Austrian magazine with quite generous notations.

France Gen4 Consoles ?? Issues
A spin-off magazine from the famous Gen4 PC, focused on the console-only games.

France Gen4 PC 2 Issues
A French magazine focused on PC games, let's use it to compare the reviews of N64 games also released on PC.

Spain Hobby Consolas 200 Issues
A Spanish multi-format magazine.

Australia Hyper 255 Issues
An Australian multi-format magazine with the longest running publication period, from 1993 to 2015.

United States Incite Video Gaming ?? Issues
An American multi-format magazine.

United States Intelligent Gamer 8 Issues
Intelligent Gamer is a multi-format American magazine.

France JeuxVidéo Magazine 100 Issues
The best-selling French video games magazine, with short and concise tests.

France Joypad 200 Issues
The multi-format magazine the most popular in the 90's in France, with a clear presentation, very good reviews and a strong objectivity.

Spain Juegos & Cia 15 Issues
A Spanish multi-format magazine.

Austria Konsolen Szene 1 Issues
Konsolen Szene is a multi-format Austrian magazine which lasted for a very short period of time.

France L'essentiel des achats pour consoles ?? Issues
A multi-format French magazine, covering every Nintendo 64 game released at the time of its publication.

France La bible des secrets Nintendo 64 9 Issues
A magazine containing only cheats and walkthroughs for Nintendo 64 games.

France Le Magazine Officiel Nintendo 25 Issues
The official French Nintendo magazine, exclusively speaking about Nintendo 64 with a small place for Game Boy Color. The brilliant colors and short texts essentially target younger audience.

Spain Magazine 64 43 Issues
A Spanish magazine focused only on the Nintendo 64, equivalent to English N64 or French X64.

Germany Man!ac 147 Issues
Man!ac is a German multi-format magazine launched in the early 90's and still active nowadays as a website.

Germany Maus Klick 67 Issues
Maus Klick is a German multi-format magazine targetting a rather young audience.