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The magazines published during the year 1994

United States EGM²
EGM² is a multi-format American magazine, derived from Electronic Gaming Monthly, with a greater emphasis on import games and without reviews. After 49 issues, it becomes Expert Gamer in August 1998.

Issue 01
Magazine cover scan EGM²  01
July 1994
Issue 02
Magazine cover scan EGM²  02
August 1994
Issue 03
Magazine cover scan EGM²  03
September 1994
Issue 04
Magazine cover scan EGM²  04
October 1994
Issue 05
Magazine cover scan EGM²  05
November 1994
Issue 06
Magazine cover scan EGM²  06
December 1994

United Kingdom Total!
A magazine focused solely on Nintendo created consoles.

Issue 94/11
Magazine cover scan Total!  94/11
November 1994
Issue 94/12
Magazine cover scan Total!  94/12
December 1994