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The links


FrenchVideo Games Records

Video Games Records

The community of recordmen welcomes you and challenges you, will you get the best scores on this site?



Guardiana, the world of the Megadrive.

FrenchAdonf JV

Adonf JV

Adonf JV is a site detailing some Nintendo 64 games, with videos and photos of beta versions, secrets, etc.



Press-Start is THE website for video game news in Belgium, run only by passionate players!

Other Nintendo 64 websites

French Emulation 64

English HCS64

Websites dedicated to other Nintendo systems

French Game Boy Database

English Planet Virtual Boy

Websites dedicated to other systems

English Coleco Box Art

French Le site de la GX4000


English PlayStation Data Center

French Satakore

English SMS Power

English The PAL Mega-CD Library

English The World of CD-i

English True Achievements

French Univers Xbox

English Xbox Achievements

General video games websites

French Couple of Pixels

French Jeux Collect'or

French PXL BBQ

English Retro Achievements


French Abandonware-magazines

English disk-kun

German Kult Boy

French Les photos des bundles Nintendo 64 par Gatchan 77

English Magazines From The Past

English Retromags

Miscellaneous sites

French Geeks Line

Nintendo64EVER members' websites by LordSuprachris