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The Nintendo 64 accessories

The accessories released in the United States

Action Replay

Action Replay

Arcade Stick

Nintendo 64 arcade stick

Cleaning Kit

Nintendo 64 Cleaning Kit


Dex Drive 64

Expansion Pak

Expansion Pak
Super Retro 64 Expansion Pack

Fishing Rod

Rumble Rod Fishing Controller

Game Booster

Game Booster


Gameshark Pro

Glove Controller

The Glove

Intensor Chair

Intensor Chair


64 Drive
Everdrive 64
NEO N64 Myth flash cart

Memory card

Character Memory Card - Duke Nukem
Character Memory Card - WCW/NWO Goldberg
Controller Pak
DX 256
Memory Card 1 MB
Sharkbyte Keycard - Mortal Kombat 4
Sharkbyte Keycard - Quest 64
Sports Memory Card - Baseball
Sports Memory Card - Basketball
Sports Memory Card - Football
Sports Memory Card - Hockey

Nintendo 64 Modem

Sharkwire Online

Official Nintendo 64 controller

Atomic Purple Controller
Black controller
Blue controller
Clear black controller
Extreme Green Controller
Funtastic Fire Orange controller
Funtastic Grape Purple Controller
Funtastic Ice Controller
Funtastic Jungle Green Controller
Funtastic Watermelon Red Controller
Golden controller
Green controller
Grey controller
Nintendo 64 E3 Golden controller
Nintendo Power: DK64 controller
Nintendo Power: Millennium 2000 controller
Nintendo Power: NP100 controller
Pokemon blue and yellow controller
Red controller
Yellow controller

RF Switch

Nintendo 64 RF Switch

RGB Cable

Scart Cable

Racing wheel

Ultra Racer 64

Rocker Seat Massager

Rocker Seat Massager

Rumble Pak

Rumble Pak
Shock Pak
Tilt Pak
Vibrating vest

Transfer Pak

Transfer Pak

Universal adaptor

Adaptor Wonder

Unofficial Nintendo 64 controller

Black controller
Blue controller
Clear Purple controller
Clear White controller
Green controller
MakoPad 64
Red controller
Sharkpad Pro 64
Ultra Pad

Voice Recognition Unit

Voice Recognition Unit