Author Topic: The Nintendo64EVER v3 is delayed.  (Read 12837 times)


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The Nintendo64EVER v3 is delayed.
« on: Mars 06, 2023, 07:30:30 pm »
Hello all.
The deadline set for the launch of the Project 800, namely the fifteenth anniversary of the site, is getting closer and we have to face the facts: the new version of the site will never be ready in time, even if I devoted ten hours a day to it :'(
Rather than releasing a half-finished half-baked thing, I'd rather postpone this big update for as much time as it takes to complete it. The changes made are much more important than originally planned in the beginning, both technically and functionally, which will still require a lot of hours of work from me.
But in the end, what's wrong with being late when it comes to the Nintendo 64? :)