Author Topic: New games variations discovered  (Read 2177 times)


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New games variations discovered
« on: Avril 26, 2024, 11:40:50 am »
If you come to the site regularly, you have probably noticed that after a long period of calm, new variations have been added to the site for a few weeks, at a rate of one every 10 days or so.
Why such a delay? To give time for robots from different search engines to index new pages and for visitors to notice them.
Where do all these variations come from? Legitimate question because we thought we had a practically complete database when we crossed the 1300 mark, then those of 1500 and today we are approaching 1700! It was thanks to the help of another Nintendo 64 collector, nh4land, who shared the fruit of his research with me, while I also discovered new ones of my own during our discussions. A big thanks to him :)
If you are a collector specializing in Nintendo 64 and you spot missing versions of games, bundles or accessories, do not hesitate to imitate him and share your information with us to make the site as complete as possible.