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Aero Gauge is a futuristic racing game similar to F-Zero and other Wipeout.

Ce tunnel vous permet d'aller très vite

The originality here is that the ships fly and we gain speed by gaining altitude. But the circuits are built in such a way that it is difficult to stay at high altitude, with multiple narrow tunnels to cross and various obstacles requiring a perfect knowledge of the track to avoid them. This small learning phase does not last very long though, as there are only 5 tracks and they are all very short. There are many vehicles you can choose to use, but they're all ugly.

You said Ugly ?

Pas éviden de trouver la bonne trajectoire dans ce half pipe

Moreover, ugliness is one of the main "qualities" of this Aero Gauge: everything is there to make your retinas rot and bleed: aliasing, blur, clipping 15m in front of you, design of bad taste, ... You can also count on a catastrophic soundtrack with awful music. It takes a lot of courage to play this game! That said, the game is quite fun and if the vehicles are easy to handle, they require a lot of dexterity, the scrolling being very fast.


Could have been way better

Le jeu garde une bonne fluidité à deux joueurs

So here is a fun game to play, which had real potential to be a good game, but completely missed out on the visual, atmosphere and content.


V Fast

V Easy to play


X Ugly graphics

X Only 5 tracks

X The soundtrack

X Huge texture popup issue

Certains passages sont bien vides

40 %

C'est le plus beau circuit du jeu

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