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InterAct Super Pad 64 Plus

InterAct Super Pad 64 Plus

InterAct Super Pad 64 Plus

InterAct's Super Pad 64 Plus is just one of the variations of this particular controller style; there's also the Mako Pad (a clear version of the Super Pad 64 Plus) and the Super Pad 64 which is made by Performance. The Super Pad is the same design but without the 'Autofire' and 'Slow' buttons.

The first thing you should know about the Super Pad is how well it works: it's almost faultless. Almost... As it stands, it's the most competent (non-licensed) third party controller that I've tried. It's better than the Competition Pro, it's better than the Hori Pad Mini, it almost gives Nintendo's own official controller a run for it's money... almost...

So why is it so good? Well, we know that the analogue stick can make or break a controller, and it seems InterAct really do know this because the Super Pad's stick is near perfect. It has a metal shaft (just like the Super Pad 64), is just as smooth as the official controller and only a tiny bit more sensitive. Where as the Competion Pro's analogue control is almost identical to that of the official controller, the Super Pad feels different because there's hardly any resistance in the stick. This means you might overshoot with your aiming at first but, if you practice a little, you can adjust to the different feel. But in my opinion, the stick is still second place to Nintendo's own controller.

The button layout of the pad may present a small difficulty for some people: the c buttons have lost their "directional feel" slightly. I find that I hold the controller at a slight angle and this makes the c buttons less intuative. Practice is once again the solution, and it won't take very long to get used to the new layout. The autofire and slow functions are easy enough to use, and their placement doesn't interfere with any other buttons. A minor gripe is that the control stick design is open design meaning that dust and hair can get lodged in there, and the controller isn't very easy to take apart. Hardly worth mentioning, really...

The redesigned shape means that all the buttons are accessible, unlike the offical controller where only the d-pad OR analogue stick are available (depending on which prong you hold). That's never been a worry for me, as there's very few games that use both the d-pad and control stick, but there are more buttons available to you when you use this pad.

That just about covers my review. Everything else works perfectly well, the Super Pad 64 Plus feels like it's a good quality controller and there's no other points of concern that I've experienced. If you're after a controller then you'd be a fool not to consider this one.

InterAct Super Pad 64 Plus

Overall: 8 out of 10 - A great controller but the control stick and button arrangement may not be to everyone's taste.

Source : Review by Alxbly

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