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The magazines published during the year 1995

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France Consoles +
A multi-format magazine, launched in 1990 as a Tilt's special issue. It is mainly known for its high notations, rarely going under 70% even for the worst craps.

Issue 049
Magazine cover scan Consoles +  049
December 1995

United States EGM²
EGM² is a multi-format American magazine, derived from Electronic Gaming Monthly, with a greater emphasis on import games and without reviews. After 49 issues, it becomes Expert Gamer in August 1998.

Issue 07
Magazine cover scan EGM²  07
January 1995
Issue 08
Magazine cover scan EGM²  08
February 1995
Issue 09
Magazine cover scan EGM²  09
March 1995
Issue 10
Magazine cover scan EGM²  10
April 1995
Issue 11
Magazine cover scan EGM²  11
May 1995
Issue 12
Magazine cover scan EGM²  12
June 1995
Issue 13
Magazine cover scan EGM²  13
July 1995
Issue 14
Magazine cover scan EGM²  14
August 1995
Issue 15
Magazine cover scan EGM²  15
September 1995
Issue 16
Magazine cover scan EGM²  16
October 1995
Issue 17
Magazine cover scan EGM²  17
November 1995
Issue 18
Magazine cover scan EGM²  18
December 1995

Germany Fun Generation
A German multi-format magazine

Issue 1995/06
Magazine cover scan Fun Generation  1995/06
June 1995

Germany Fun Vision
Fun Vision is a German magazine focused entirely on the Nintendo systems.

Issue 1995/11
Magazine cover scan Fun Vision  1995/11
November 1995
Issue 1995/12
Magazine cover scan Fun Vision  1995/12
December 1995

Germany Man!ac
Man!ac is a German multi-format magazine launched in the early 90's and still active nowadays as a website.

Issue 18
Magazine cover scan Man!ac  18
April 1995
Issue 20
Magazine cover scan Man!ac  20
June 1995
Issue 22
Magazine cover scan Man!ac  22
August 1995
Issue 24
Magazine cover scan Man!ac  24
October 1995

France Super Power
A magazine specialized in Nintendo systems, it stopped around the launch of the Nintendo 64 in France.

Issue 038
Magazine cover scan Super Power  038
December 1995

United Kingdom Total!
A magazine focused solely on Nintendo created consoles.

Issue 95/01
Magazine cover scan Total!  95/01
January 1995
Issue 95/02
Magazine cover scan Total!  95/02
February 1995
Issue 95/03
Magazine cover scan Total!  95/03
March 1995
Issue 95/04
Magazine cover scan Total!  95/04
April 1995

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Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil est un FPS se déroulant dans un univers mêlant science-fiction et préhistoire.

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