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Screenshots of the game Blast Corps on Nintendo 64

Title screen of the Japanese version of the game, named Blast Dozer. The map of the missions of the game, they are unlocked as you progress in the game. The Sideswipe Truck. Destroy buildings with your two retractable rams! The Skyfall buggy, which lives up to its name. You have to take a bump and land on the buildings to destroy them. Emergency !!! The nuclear truck has exploded, it's the apocalypse !!! And it's mostly a Game Over in Blast Corps. Even if graphics and explosions are not great, the game is ultra fluid and fun! Well done you just completed a mission and got a gold medal! Using the missiles of the Ballista motorcycle, destroy the buildings surrounded by arrows to free the passage The ultimate fun of Blast Corps, we break everything and we earn money! I think I'm going to change jobs! These silos are harder to destroy than a simple house, even with the Ballista motorcycle! The famous truck loaded with explosive missiles, it reminds me of the movie Congratulations, you have just risen in rank, new missions await you! The Cyclone Suit, a robot cavorting while cheerfully destroying the buildings in front of you Cyclone Suit robot gains momentum before storming buildings The Cyclone Suit in action! With both feet forward, he is about to demolish a multi-storey building. Each Blast Corps mission begins with a helicopter reconnaissance of the level. The Backlash Truck, the most complicated vehicle to master in the game. One of the many puzzles to be solved to drive other vehicles in the same mission. Getting that J-Bomb in Blast Corps is no small feat, but now let's trample it all! The Thunderfist robot can destroy buildings by simply rolling in them, but it is rather slow. The Thunderfist robot in roll mode, watch out! The core business of the Blast Corps team: destroy everything !!! Once the missile truck is safe, enter this truck to complete the level. One of the many bonus levels of the game. Here, a time trial mode with a police car.