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Credits of the game Aero Fighters Assault on Nintendo 64

United States ARRIAGA Raymond 3D Animator/Artist
United States GAINES Robert 3D Animator/Artist
United States JOHNSON Hobie 3D Animator/Artist
Japan KUDOU N. 3D Animator/Artist
United States LEESE Matthew 3D Animator/Artist
United States WALDEN Robert 3D Animator/Artist
United States ANSARI Mahdad Art director
Japan HINO H. Assistant Director
Japan SHINNA Kouji Audio director
Japan SAKON T. Director
Japan SAKAMURA A. Ending Producer
Japan FURUKAWA Kouji Executive Producer
Japan ITO Kazuki Planner
Japan HAYASHI Yasunobu Producer
United States NICOL Gordon Recording Engineer
Japan KOUSI  Script
United States BAKKER Trevor Software Engineer
United States BIENVENU Mike Software Engineer
United States HENDERSON Angus Software Engineer
United States PERERA Sam Software Engineer
United States POWERS Drew Software Engineer
United States RICE Jason Software Engineer
United States ROBNETT Brad Software Engineer
United States TABOR Kenneth Technical director
United States LITTLE Brandy Voice of Ellen
United States LEE Valencia Voice of Glenda
United States EDWARDS Matt Voice of Hawk
Japan AIZAWA Masaki Voice of Hien
United States RUTHERFORD Lynne Voice of Maoo Mao
United States DIAMOND Sally Voice of Spanky
Japan KOUSI  Voice of Volk
United States SCHWARTZ Jeremy Voice of Volk