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Every cheat and tip for Cruis'n USA

Access New Tracks

This trick will give you access to three new tracks in the game. On "Choose Race" Screen, highlight US 101 and hold L+C-GAUCHE+C-BAS to access Golden Gate Park. Highlight Beverly Hills and hold L+C-HAUT+C-DROITE. Highlight Grand Canyon and hold L+C-DROITE+C-BAS to access San Francisco.

Lights and Sirens Code First,

get a high score during any race and then scroll down to the bottom of the high scores list and hold DIAGONALE BAS-GAUCHE to make the conveyor belt move. After around 30 or more seconds, a head will scroll by. Now, exit and get back to the Car Select Screen. Choose either the bus or police car by holding C-HAUT,C-GAUCHE,C-BAS at the same time and scrolling through the cars. At any time during the race, tap Brake, Brake, then hold the Gas button. Your lights and sirens will activate.

New Vehicles

At the Choose Car Screen, highlight any of the cars except for the red Ferrari. The trick will not work on this car. Once any of the others is highlighted (it will spin around), press and hold the C-HAUT+C-GAUCHE+C-BAS simultaneously. The vehicle you highlighted will change into a different one! You can now play the game as a police car, a jeep or even a school bus! Keep holding these and press START to choose it.

Written by Zestorm

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