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Every cheat and tip for Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey


Go to the options screen, hold L and press C-BAS, C-BAS. Now press C-HAUT, C-HAUT, C-BAS, C-BAS, C-DROITE, C-DROITE, C-BAS. A row of 16 zeros and the word ‘SPECIALS’ will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Now exit the options menu, and go to ‘Team Stats’. Press C-HAUT ten times and two new team names  will appear. Use the D-Pad to flip through the team names and once you have found the two teams that you want to change, press A. You can only copy other players to these teams, you will not be able to copy players on these two teams to other teams.

The first team you're going to change will now appear on the left side of the screen, and a roster for one of the other teams in the game will appear on the right. Press B to scroll through the teams on the left until you see the team you want to take a player from. Using the D-pad to highlight a player on each team, press A to change the player on the left to the player on the right. You can replace as many players as you want and even replace all of the players on the left with duplicates. If you have codes entered for any extra players these will also be available for your new teams. Once the your custom team is set the way you like it, press START !

The second custom team will now appear on the left and can be edited in the same way. When you've finished, press START  to return to the TEAM STATS screen. Your two new teams will now be available in one-player, multi-player and ‘Season’ mode.


Go to the Options Screen, hold down L and press C-DROITE, C-GAUCHE, C-GAUCHE, C-DROITE, C-GAUCHE, C-GAUCHE, C-DROITE, C-GAUCHE, C-GAUCHE. When you go to the team selection screen, you should see four ‘super’ teams: Canada, USA, 99ers and Williams.


At the options screen hold any one of the C buttons and press R, . This brings up 16 zeros at the bottom of the screen which can be used to alter the size and shape of your players.

C-BAS controls the first two zeros which effect player head size.

C-GAUCHE changes the next two zeros which effect player size.

C-HAUT changes the 5th and 6th zeros which effect player height.

Some examples


Code Player attributes


1100000 Normal players, small heads

0100000 Normal players, giant heads

1010100 Midget players

1101100 Giant players, small heads

0101100 Giant players, giant heads

0001010 Giant players

0110010 Midget players, giant heads

1000000 Normal players, giant heads




At the main menu, move the joystick on to Practice mode, press A, on controller one and hold it. At the same time, press and hold A on player two's controller.

Written by Zestorm

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