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Hori Commander N64

Hori Commander N64

Hori Commander N64 Blue

I'd never heard of the Hori Commander, probably because it's little brother (the Hori Pad Mini) gets all the attention! Anyway, it's a nice looking controller but has a more conventional design than the Hori Pad Mini. As you can see from the photos, there are turbo functions for Z, A and B, and the side "prongs" have been rounded off. Another small difference is that there's no controller/rumble pak release button. This doesn't make any real difference as controller paks and rumble paks are both secure and easy enough to remove when desired.

The circuit board within the Hori Commander is Nintendo branded, so there's no worries about the sub-par electronics used in the similarly styled Dreamgear controller. The Hori’s analogue stick is also the same size, shape, and has the same internal circuit board and connecting wire as Nintendo's own controller. I was actually able to successfully transplant the sticks between the two and both worked perfectly. Therefore I can only assume that the Hori have used the same analogue stick that Nintendo did.

Of course, this is a double edged sword because it means that as well as having the precision that the official stick has, it also has the durability issues. The rest of the controller is of the same high standard as the Nintendo pad.

The Hori pad isn’t quite as comfortable as the official controller; the rounded side prongs don’t cup your hand as well. Also, the buttons are slightly more prominent, especially the d-pad, which is visibly more raised than on the offical design. This makes extended use uncomfortable, especially in fighting games when trying to pull off combos. The overall quality of the pad is quite high due in no small part to using official Nintendo components.

It is difficult to review the Hori pad because it’s so similar to Nintendo's original design. The inclusion of the turbo functions is obviously a benefit but some of the redesigned parts actually seem detrimental (for example the raised d-pad) and there’s not that much difference between this controller and the "real thing". That said, it’s one of the better Nintendo 64 third party controllers and is a bit more exclusive than the standard N64 pad. All things considered, this is one controller that you really should consider... if you're able to find one.

Hori Commander N64 Transparent

Overall score: 8.2 out of 10 - Nicely designed controller with a lot in common with Nintendo’s own pad. Marginally less comfortable than the official pad but has turbo functions.


Review by Alxbly, used here with his authorization.

Text written by Zestorm, for Nintendo64EVER.

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