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Expansion Pak effects

Effect of the Expansion Pak


Donald Duck: Couak Attack, sharper graphics, the animation isn't very smooth, but it's not worse than without the ram pack. 3/5

Hybrid Heaven, sharper graphics, but the game becomes unplayable as the animation is choppy. 1/5

International Superstar Soccer 2000, the graphics improvements are not obvious, but the game becomes almost unplayable due to the very choppy animation. 2/5

International Track & Field 2000, the graphics are sharper and the game remains perfectly playable. 4/5

Perfect Dark, the RAM Pack unlocks single player mode, 2 player cooperation mode, 3 and 4 player modes as well as Hi-rez mode. The latter is too jerky to be playable, however the ram pack is essential to enjoy the game! 5/5

Quake II, much better resolution and smoother animation. 5/5

Rayman 2, better graphics, but a bit less fluid animation. The game remains completely playable. 4/5

Road Rash 64, the graphics are sharper and the animation doesn't move a bit. 4/5

Roadsters, because it is marked ram pack compatible on the packaging of the US version but I do not see any difference. There is a cheat code for a high resolution mode, but I don't see the changes ... 0/5

San Fransisco Rush 2049, the ram pack allows you to play on the 6th circuit. I did not notice any obvious change in the animation or in the resolution of the image. 5/5

Shadowman, better image resolution but a bit more choppy animation. 3/5

Starcraft, it is used to unlock the Brood War expansion. Indispensable therefore. 5/5

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, graphics are sharper, but animation is less fluid. 3/5

Star Wars: Episode I: Racer, the improvement in graphics is not obvious, the animation is not especially smoother. 2/5

Stunt Racer, the game is marked ram pack compatible on the packaging, but hi-rez mode is available and works well without the ram pack, like World Driver Championship. You need the Ram Pak to unlock the 3-4 players mode 3/5

Tony Haw's Pro Skater, the image resolution is the same, but the animation jerks without the ram pack. 5/5

Top Gear Overdrive, the graphics are sharper and the animation is fairly smooth. 4/5

Top Gear Hyperbike, graphics are sharper, but the animation is too choppy, headache guaranteed. 1/5

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, the image resolution is much better, but the animation suffers. The Hi-rez 16: 9 mode is the best compromise. 4/5

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, the image resolution is significantly better, but the animation suffers. Unlike Turok 2, there is no 16: 9 mode. 4/5

Vigilante 8, the graphics are sharper, the animation is neither smoother nor more choppy. A cheat code lets you unlock even higher image resolution, but the animation suffers. 4/5

Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense, sharper graphics, but animation too choppy. 2/5

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