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CD 64

The CD 64 is a device that allows you to launch roms from a CD.

CD64 Plus

You choose your game among those available on the CD and the rom will be transferred to the RAM. It also allows you to copy a N64 game, it is then stored in the RAM of the CD64 and then transferred to a PC. This model is a 256Mb, that is to say that all the games over 256Mb cannot be stored in the memory of the CD64.

CD64 Plus

We can see a huge design error, the holes for the ventilation are placed on the top, but this is where the N64 connects. These holes are placed directly below the power supply of the N64 which heats up... Consequently, the CD64 heats up a lot and your N64 takes some for its grade too! There is also no on/off button, once plugged in, the CD64 is therefore always powered on. I do not recommend leaving it plugged in for too long, otherwise you will burn it out. You can also see a pretty brown stain on it. Also, never forget to connect the external CD64 power supply before switching on the N64, otherwise the N64 transformer will burn out.

CD64 Plus

Once opened, we realize the poor manufacturing of the device. The motherboard is not even protected by a Faraday cage! The CD64 is therefore particularly sensitive to electromagnetic waves, in particular those which originate in the CD player! This results in a particularly unstable image on the screen. Also be careful not to put it next to a screen, a radio or any other electronic device! We can also see that the CD player is standard, if it breaks down, it can be replaced with an IDE CD player as we find everywhere, or at least used to find everywhere.

CD64 Plus

Many games don't work.

So Gex 64 goes black and white,

San Fransisco Rush, half of the circuits cause the console to crash,

Morita Shogi or Mario no Photopie are unplayable because they are cartridges with additional equipment, a modem and a compact flash drive in this case.

Not to mention the freezes and repeated crashes ...

CD64 Plus

We have here a device with garbage design, unreliable, that can crash and even destroy your N64. I've burnt my power supply because of it.

Avoid this crap like the plague, there are much more efficient N64 copiers or ROM readers on the marlet such as the Everdrive.

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