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Morita Shogi

A brief overview of a Japanese Nintendo 64 oddity: Morita Shogi 64.



This is an interesting oddity for N64 collectors. Morita Shogi 64 had a Japan-only release in 1998, and the game is simply Japanese chess (or Shogi). The game was playable online and the cartridge is quite unique as it has a built in modem. Here's the game, complete with instructions and connection cable.


And here's a close up of the top of the cart. The little square of plastic slides open to reveal the connection for the modem cable.

Cart Top

Here's a photo of inside the modem connection:

Cart back

And here's a shot of the rear of the cart. The top buldges out so that the modem can fit inside.

The game connected to servers run by Seta, the game's publisher. The servers are no longer active, so online play is no longer an option. This is probably one of the most basic looking N64 games, certainly nothing special to look at, but I've provided a screenshot anyway.


By Alxbly.

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