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The famous people related to Nintendo 64

United StatesCUMMINGS Jim

SwedenDAHL Ulf

United StatesDAUGHETY Nathan

United StatesDIAMOND Sally

United StatesDILLE Flint

United StatesDIXON Mark

United StatesDRAKE Michael

United StatesDUBORD David

United StatesDUFFIL Mike

United StatesEDWARDS Gary

United StatesEDWARDS Matt

United StatesELFORD Jeremy

United StatesEMERSON Andre

United StatesENOS Timothy

United StatesEWERT Bryan

United StatesEWINGTON Christopher

United StatesFARLEY James

United StatesFERRAIOLO Angela

United StatesFIELDS Wally

United StatesFISH Brandon

United StatesFLETCHER Colin

United StatesFOSS Thomas

JapanFUJII Hideki

JapanFUKUI Kimiyoshi


United StatesGAINES Robert

United StatesGANOFSKY Kerry

United StatesGEDDES Tom

United StatesGEISLER Dane

United StatesGERHIG Andy