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All the Nintendo 64 games screenshots

007: The World is not Enough

Title screen Roll through items and gadgets Meeting with Lachaise to get the money back A new mission objective Don't shoot her! Hacking the digicode Escape from the bank Enemies are jumping through the windows Activating security system In the stairs The infirmary Explosion Boat chase An enemy sniper An hostage has been killed In the subway A lone foe Mission on the docks At an office Explosion at the bank

1080 Snowboarding

Game title screen Game mode selection Rider selection Board selection screen Going down Crystal Lake with Rob Haywood Rob Haywood very likely defeat on Crystal Lake track Neck-and-neck duel between Rob Haywood and Kensuke Kimachi on the Crystal Peak track The duel is physical! Rob Haywood's damage bar is already full as we barely start the Crystal Peak race!