Nintendo64EVER - Screenshots of the game Carmageddon 64 on Nintendo 64
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Screenshots of the game Carmageddon 64 on Nintendo 64

Title screen of the game The screen for choosing the game mode: Carmageddon, quick start, head to head and practice, classical. The race is on in Carmageddon 64. To win you have the choice between arriving first, smashing your opponents or crushing dinosaurs. A street full of dinosaurs to crush! Due to censorship in Germany, zombies are not the victims in this version of the game. Let's participate in the new extinction of the species! This is the fun gore of Carmageddon 64. Let's try to really race in Carmageddon 64. The cube of pixels in front of you is one of your opponents. An image far too calm in the game, without dinosaurs to crush or opponents to stamp! A duel race, who will crush the most poor dinosaurs? Always wanted to run over dinosaurs? Play the German version of Carmageddon 64, alone or with a friend. We end up on the roof too often in this game, it penalizes the first player while the other chases the T-Rex. The American version is populated with zombies to be crushed in all circuits. The game's rather haphazard physics make it difficult to play.