Nintendo64EVER - Screenshots of the game Banjo-Kazooie on Nintendo 64
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Screenshots of the game Banjo-Kazooie on Nintendo 64

Game title screen Save selection screen Banjo enters the Witch Gruntilda's lair Special move allowing Kazooie to carry Banjo and climb slopes. This one is put into practice in Gruntilda's hideout! Banjo and Kazooie ready to battle with a minion from Gruntilda's lair Banjo roams Gruntilda's lair in search of entrances to the different levels of the game Beginning of the Clanker's Cave level. Swimming awaits you Watch out, an ugly bug will come out of this hole if you approach! So be careful in this level It's Kazooie swimming! Our two friends arrive in the submerged room of Clanker's cave The Grail ! Banjo has found a puzzle piece! Clanker has just been released. When we see his face, we deduce that he is happy! If Banjo escapes this mummy, he can make a super jump and enter the jar to reach the Gobi Desert level Banjo starts the tour of the Gobi Desert level Kazooie traces to the Sphinx of the Gobi Desert. Let him not forget the musical notes on his way! Banjo and Kazooie in flight phase with red feathers in the Gobi Desert level Some musical notes around a pyramid in the Gobi desert level