Nintendo64EVER - Screenshots of the game 1080 Snowboarding on Nintendo 64
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Screenshots of the game 1080 Snowboarding on Nintendo 64

Game title screen Game mode selection Rider selection Board selection screen Going down Crystal Lake with Rob Haywood Rob Haywood very likely defeat on Crystal Lake track Neck-and-neck duel between Rob Haywood and Kensuke Kimachi on the Crystal Peak track The duel is physical! Rob Haywood's damage bar is already full as we barely start the Crystal Peak race! Hard to control your trajectory on the ice of the Crystal Peak track In places, an unsightly clipping appears, as on this passage of the Crystal Peak track A life lost, but this time Rob Haywood is in the lead to win the Crystal Peak race Nice sunset over the Golden Forrest race Going left or right? Right if you want to beat your best time on the Golden Forrest race Rob Haywood in a snowstorm for the start of the Mountain Village race The tunnel ends in the village in the mountain of the Mountain village course Beautiful panorama (admittedly a little blurry ...) during the Mountain Village race Rob Haywood rides downtown in the Mountain Village race Akari Hayami starts the Dragon Cave race Remember to go straight, you will do a hell of a jump but save time on this Dragon Cave race Ah Akari, here she is on a snowboard Beautiful shadow effect of Akari Hayami on the snowy track of the Dragon Cave race Beware of bridge exits, a missed stick kick and the fall awaits, like in this Dragon Cave race Akari Hayami and Kensuke Kimachi face off on split screen in two player mode In this two-player mode on the Dragon Cave race, Kensuke has taken the lead on Akari who seems ready to take a nap in the snow.