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Nintendo 64 Car racing games

Games featuring cars engaged in pure speed races without weapons or objects.

Game Developers
Automobili Lamborghini Titus France SA
Beetle Adventure Racing Electronic Arts Canada
California Speed Atari Games Corporation
Choro Q 64 2 Locomotive Co. Ltd.
Cruis'n Exotica Midway Games, Inc.
Cruis'n USA Williams Entertainment, Inc.
Cruis'n World Midway Games, Inc.
Destruction Derby 64 Looking Glass Studios, Inc.
GT 64: Championship Edition Media Design & Art, Ltd.
Indy Racing 2000 Paradigm Entertainment Inc.
Multi Racing Championship Genki Co., Ltd.
NASCAR '99 Stormfront Studios
NASCAR 2000 Stormfront Studios
Off Road Challenge Midway Home Entertainment, Inc.
Rally Challenge 2000 Genki Co., Ltd.
Ridge Racer 64 Namco Limited
Roadsters Titus France SA
Rush 2: Extreme Racing Atari Games Corporation
San Francisco Rush Atari Games Corporation
San Francisco Rush 2049 Atari Games Corporation
Top Gear OverDrive Snowblind Studios, Inc.
Top Gear Rally Boss Game Studios Inc.
Top Gear Rally 2 Saffire, Inc
V-Rally Edition 99 Eden Studios
World Driver Championship Boss Game Studios Inc.