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Every cheat and tip for Aero Gauge

All Tracks and Vehicles

To do this trick, you must have two controllers plugged into your system. Press Start on controller one until you get the Title Screen with "Push Start" on the bottom of the screen. On controller two, press HAUT+C-BAS+R+L+Z simultaneously and then release them. Now press START, on controller one to enter the Grand Prix Mode. All the cars and tracks will be available in all modes! The code may be tricky to get at first, so if you're having trouble, try pressing the buttons multiple times to make it work. Once you access the new cars you will be able to select a N64 controller for your next flight.


China Town Jam Track: CompleteGrand Prix mode in first place on everytrack on Expert difficulty level.

Neo Speed Way Track: Complete GrandPrix mode in first place on every trackon Intermediate difficulty level.EXTRA VEHICLES

Dominator: Complete the game in firstplace with the Black Lightning onExpert difficulty level.

Reaper: Complete the game in firstplace with the Shredder on Expertdifficulty level.

Prowler: Complete the game in firstplace with the Hornet on Expertdifficulty level.

Vengeance: Complete the game in firstplace with the Avenger on Expertdifficulty level.

N64 controller vehicle: In time attack,keep racing until you get a time thatends in .064 seconds. You should nowhave the N64 controller to race with.


At the title screen, when it says ‘PressStart’, simultaneously press HAUT, C-BAS, L, R, Z three times on the second controller, then press START on the first controller. You can now race five new machines.


Press START, when the credits appear after a Grand Prix.


Hold A+B before the race begins. Release B, immediately after the commentator says “Ready”.


Begin the game and hold A to speedup. Hold Z and press the STICKGAUCHE or STICKDROITE, release A and Z, then quicklypress A+Z


 To fly faster, climb until blue exhaust flames appear. If you stay low, the flames will be red and your speed will be slower.


Written by Zestorm

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