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Every cheat and tip for Diddy Kong Racing

Get Secret Characters

Drumstick: Get all of the amulets and all of the trophies. Head to the point you start at and find the frog with feathers. Honk at the frog and you will get it.

T.T.: Beat his personal time on every Time Trial track.

Find the Fifth Secret World

Get all of the amulets and trophies. Then go in front of the lighthouse and honk at it. It will transform into a rocket and take you to the space world.


Written by Zestorm

Game Cheats

To enable these cheats, you must go into the Options Screen and enter into the Magic Codes Option. You can then turn them on and off at will, until you turn off the power. If you turn off the power, you will need to re-enter

the codes again.


Two-Player Adventure: JOINTVENTURE

All Balloons are Yellow: BODYARMOR

Disable weapons: BYEBYEBALLOONS

No Limit to Bananas: VITAMINB

zap the Zippers: ZAPTHEZIPPERS


Maximum Power-up: FREEFORALL

Start with 10 Bananas: FREEFRUIT

Big Characters: ARNOLD

Small Characters: TEENYWEENIES

Select Same Player: DOUBLEVISION

Four-Wheel Drive: OFFROAD

Written by Zestorm

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