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Every cheat and tip for Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition

Another World

At the Title/Menu Screen where Game Start,Time Attack and Options are showing, press the L, HAUT, R, BAS. A little green character will appear on the lower-right of the screen. This is how you know the code worked. Go to the Game Select Screen and move over to the Puzzle Mode. The words « Another World" will be underneath the Puzzle Mode. Select this mode to play an entire new set of levels! The new stages in Another World are larger and more difficult to master.

Hidden Characters

At the Main Menu Screen, access "Game Start," and at the Game Select Screen, choose Puzzle Game. At the map with the letters, put in this code using the D-pad and the buttons: GAUCHE, GAUCHE, HAUT, BAS, L, R, R, L, +R. This will bring up a Character Select Menu Screen where you can choose to play as the two dinos or the enemy characters. Now choose your destination and you're ready to play as a new character.



Written by Zestorm

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