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Every cheat and tip for Buck Bumble

All Weapons

 At the Title Screen press GAUCHE, DROITEHAUTBAS. Then hold Z and press DROITE,DROITE,GAUCHE,GAUCHE. When the game begins, press A+B+R button at the same time to give you all the weapons. You will hear a noise if it is done correctly (it only works in One-player Mode).

Level Select

At the Title Screen hold Z and press DROITE,BASBAS,DROITE. Release Z and press DROITE,HAUT,BAS,GAUCHE,GAUCHE,HAUT,DROITE,DROITEto finish the code.

Refill Health and Ammo

You can only use this code if you have All Weapons on: Press A+B+R button while playing, and you will refill your health and ammo.


Written by Zestorm

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