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Every cheat and tip for Bomberman 64

Custom Body Parts - Partial List

Here's where to find some of Bomberman's optional outfit parts:

Tennis Shoes: In the blue resort. It is in Level I under the bridge that has a box under it and a blue guy on the bridge.

Iron Armor: In the white glacier. It's in Level I behind one of the houses. Take a pump bomb and throw it at the houses. Run over the roof and put a bomb by the tree to get it.

Extra Battle Mode Stages

Press START at the Title Screen. When the Main Menu Screen appears, press START rapidly until you hear a ringing sound. Go into the Battle Mode to choose the new stages


Find all 100 Gold Cards and defeat Altair. You can do this on Normal and Hard modes.


Enter a stage where the screen freezes whenever you catch something or hit a switch. Now, make a single remote bomb, just before you press a switch or catch something, and drop it a short distance away from you. A split second after you detonate it, catch the item or flip the switch to create your very own artificial eggy.


Written by Zestorm

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