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Every cheat and tip for Vigilante 8

From the Title Screen, access the Options Menu. In the Options, go to the Passcode Option and enter any of the following codes for the results as shown:

For reduced gravity enter: A MOON_GETAWAY

For no enemies present enter: POPULATION OUT

For no damage enter: LIVING FOREVER

For all ending movies to play in sequence : LONG SLIDESHOW

Players can choose the same car, and to one belonging to enemy in 2P Quest: MIX_MATCH_CARS

Unlocks all cars except flying saucer: GANGS UNLOCKED

Unlocks the flying saucer: GIMME_DA_ALIEN

Unlocks hidden levels: LEVEL SHORTCUT

For enhanced missile enter: MISSILE ATTACK

For hardest difficulty level enter: I AM TOUGH GUY

For slow motion mode enter: GO REALLY SLOW

For ultra high-res display mode enter: MAX_RESOLUTION

For no weapon delay while firing enter: FIRE NO LIMITS

To unlock everything enter: JTBT7CFDILRMGW

Written by Zestorm

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