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Every cheat and tip for Super Smash Bros.


If you're doing a Down + A attack and find yourself about to be stuck recovering for ages, there's a way toavoid leaving yourself seriously vulnerable to attack. At the verymoment you make contact with the ground, tap R. This will prevent youploughing into it. With Link, for example, instead of shoving your sword into the ground, you'll pull out yourshield instead.


Confused about how you get points? Here's how it works. If someone dies, the last person to hit him gets thepoint. This leads to everyone rushing towards whoever is nearest to death.This means that if that person gets killed by an arena effect like an explosion or lava, no-one gets the kill. However, if you hit someone with a projectile or mine and that kills them, you get the point. Also, if you die, you lose a point.


If you've progressed to a point whereyou're ready to take on the most hardcore computer opponents, here area few things we've noticed about howthey behave. If they're a long way away and there's a projectile to hand some wherenearby, they will almost always quickly lob it at you. When an item appears, they will always do their best to get to it. This makes them a little more predictable. If they are in the air off the main arena, they won't attack you. If they are flying above the field, however, they will attack.


If you have sent someone flying off theend, but you know they'll be able to find their way back and hang onto the ledge, there's a way to prevent it. Justhang on the ledge yourself it can’thold more than one person.


If you're in a team game, which afterall is probably the most enjoyable wayto play, try this technique to deliver staggering amounts of damage... One of you holds someone (DK works wellfor holding people) while the other delivers a strong attack at the same time (Yoshi's Jump + Down + A, Jigglypuff's Down + B or Luigi's Up + B moves work a treat). Teamwork like that is guaranteed to leave bruising the following morning...


Written by Zestorm

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