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Every cheat and tip for Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire

More Powerful Debug Code

This difficult code requires one very flexible gamer—or two people—to work. First, enter your name as: _Wampa__Stompa (One space before Wampa, two spaces before Stompa).  Begin playing a level; press START to pause. Now press and hold the following buttons simultaneously: L, RC-HAUTC-BASC-DROITEC-GAUCHEZGAUCHE. With all of these held (here comes the tricky part), press the STICK halfway to the Left and wait until you hear a low beep. Now press halfway to the Right and wait for the low beep again. Press halfway to the Left again and wait for the beep and then again halfway Right. Do it once more halfway Left. If done properly, you should see pink text above all the other options on the top of the screen. Use the L and R buttons or GAUCHE and DROITE on the D-pad to switch between the available Debugging Options such as Invincibility, 50 lives, get all stuff, anti-aliasing, texture, lighting, fog, next level, kill Dash and much more!

Resume your game to take advantage of any of the Debug Options. To get the Debug Menu again, pause the game and press L, RC-HAUTC-BASC-GAUCHEC-DROITEZGAUCHE

With all of these held, hold halfway Left on the STICK and the debug text will reappear.


Written by Zestorm

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