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Every cheat and tip for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Naboo Fighter

Here's an excellent tip, courtesy of LucasArts, who in their infinite wisdom unleashed this brilliant code on 16th July earlier this year. Yes, that's right, the day The Phantom Menace hit the UK. This great code allows you to fly the Naboo Starfighter from the very latest Star Wars movie - it's the ship Anakin flies in the film's climax. All you do is enter HALIFAX? at the Password screen, press Enter Code, then enter IYNGWIEI and press Enter Code again. In the hanger you should see tge shiny yellow and chrome beauty just waiting for you fly out at speed. This very manouevrable gem also comes with Seeker missiles. Wonder how they kept this secret?

Infinite Lives Cheat: At the Passcodes Screen enter IGIVEUP.

Fly the Millennium Faicon: At the Passcodes Screen enter FARMBOY

Fly the Tie Interceptor: At the Passcodes Screen enter TIEDUP. The Tie Interceptor is hidden behind the Millennium Falcon.After you have entered both the Millennium Falcon cheat and the Tie Interceptor Cheat, go over to the Millennium Falcon then press Up on the analog stick. The camera will pan around to the Tie Interceptor!

All Power-Ups: At the Passcodes Screen enter TOUGHGUY

Written by Zestorm

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