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Every cheat and tip for South Park

To activate the ultimate cheat : BOBBYBIRD

For Big Headed Characters : MEGGANOGGIN

For Credit Cheat : SCREWYOUGUYS

For Pen and Ink Mode : PLANEARIUM

For Level Select enter: THEEARTHMOVED

For Skinny Characters enter: VEGGIEHEAVEN

For Big Headed Characters enter: MEGGANOGGIN

For Infinite ammo, enter the password: FATTERKNACKER

For All Weapons, enter the password: FATKNACKER

For Invincibility, enter the password: ASSMAN

All Characters in Multiplayer Mode

From the Main Menu Screen, choose the Enter Cheat Option. On the Secret Decoder Screen, enter OMGTKKYB as your code,and then press button B. The screen will say “All Characters Activated." Now, in Multiplayer Mode, go to the Character SelectOption and you will see that all the characters are open! Now you can play as the extra characters from the show such as Big Gay Al and Starvin Marvin!


Written by Zestorm

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