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Every cheat and tip for Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

Select Championship Mode from the mainmenu. Then, choose “New Game” and enteryour gym name as one of the passwordsshown below.

Bronze Class Boxers: BRONZE (This alsoopens up Kemo Claw in Arcade.)

Silver Class Boxers: SILVER (This also opensup Bruce Blade in Arcade.)

Gold Class Boxers: GOLD (This also opens upNat Daddy in Arcade.)

Champ Class Boxers: CHAMP (This alsoopens up Damien Black in Arcade.)

New Costumes: In Arcade Mode, go to the boxer selection screen and press C-GAUCHE +C-HAUT

Easy Training: From the main menu, chooseChampionship Mode. Start a new game, name your gym, choose a boxer and pick the“Train Boxer” option. Now highlight “Rumble Aerobics Training,” press Left, then quickly press A. If you did it fast enough, you will purchase the Rumble Mass Nutrition Regime (which costs $25,000) for $500! This will boost your strength and experience very quickly. You can also purchase the Sway Bag for $500 instead of $1,000 by pressing Right instead of Left.

Written by Zestorm

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