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Every cheat and tip for Pokemon Puzzle League

V-Hard Difficulty: in the Puzzle Village, choose 1P Stadium and then pick your name or guest at the “Name Select” screen. On the Game Settings screen, press and hold Z, and then press L, L, A, B. The V-Hard difficulty level will appear underneath the others.

S-Hard Difficulty: Hold Z and press R, L, A, B. Now you have two entirely new levels of challenge in the game!

Trainer Taunts: In a 2P game, the first one to select his/her character can press A repeatedly to keep taunting your opponent until they pick their character.

Unlock Trainers: On the “Select Trainer” screen, hold L+R+Z on controllers one and two. This will make the questions marks go away and the characters will be then be revealed.

Hidden Mewtwo Stage: Start a 2P game. On the “Select Trainer” screen, hold Z and press B, HAUT, L, B, A, START, A, HAUT, R (To help you remember the code, it spells BULBASAUR). Mewtwo's stage will automatically appear. Player 1 will be Ash and Player 2 will be Mewtwo.

Level 99 Speed Marathon: On the title screen, hold Z and press B, A, L, L. You will hear a sound. Choose Marathon in Puzzle Village and on the Game Settings screen, you will see that you can set the speed level to 99!


Written by Zestorm

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