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Every cheat and tip for Perfect Dark

Floating Ammunition Boxes: In a multiplayer game, you can make the ammunition boxes float in the air by shooting a box into the airand grabbing it quickly before it hits theground. The ammo box will re-spawn in the place you caught it, and be hovering over the ground,

Bottles Comment: In Carrington Villa: Hostage One, go through the level and whenyou get to the bottom floor with all the winebottles on shelves, destroy every single bot-tle. Daniel Carrington will make a commentand say, “Act your age, Joanna.”

Get Silvers and Golds on the Firing Range:Go to the Firing Range and choose the Laptop gun on any difficulty setting. Hold theB button to change to the sentry turret andthen press Z to throw it at the wall behindyou. Before it unfolds to become the turret,quickly press START and then abort. Press START quickly again (the turret should not bedeployed) and choose the gun you want toget the silver or gold on. Now go back to thefiring range screen and the turret shouldunfold and wipe out all the targets on thescreen with a perfect score! (Note: This does-n’t work with all the guns. You need to exper-iment to see the guns for which it worksbest.)

Secret Shaft: Note: You need an explosiveweapon such as the Rocket Launcher to usein the Cheat Solo Missions, in order to do this trick.In the Carrington Institute, access the computer in “hacker central” with the Cheats onit. If you’ve unlocked the Rocket Launcherunder Weapons for Jo in Solo, turn on thischeat. Exit this menu. Choose Cheat Solo Missions. Play the dataDyne Central:Defection level on any difficulty. Make yourway down the platform in the beginning ofthe level and shoot the first guard and go in the double doors and shoot the guardaround the corner. Go down the ramps andover by the security hub. To the right of thesecurity hub is a large shaft. Switch to theRocket Launcher and fire a rocket at theshaft. This will make a hole in the middie ofit. Go through the hole and you will drop intoa small room. Turn to your left and fire anoth-er rocket at the far wall. This will make a holethat you can see after the smoke clears. Nowswitch to your Punch and go through thehole. You will be in Cassandra's office. Runup and punch her to take her out, but don’tshoot her or you will fail the mission. Exitthrough the large doors to surprise theguards, which makes them easier to kill.

Perfect Duck Hunt: On the first solo mission,dataDyne Central: Defection, you can do a lit-tle target practice on the passing cars. Justwork your way up to one of the rooms with awall taken up by windows and shoot out oneof them. Now watch for a passing car, takeaim and fire!

Easier Escape: In Area 51: Escape, get to theend of the level with the UFO. WhenJonathan and Elvis are talking, make yourway up the ramp and across to the comput-ers that control the hangar doors. WhenJonathan talks about escaping on the hover-bike, access the computer to the inner door,then the outer door. The cinema will showthe UFO escaping. This is much quicker thanhaving Jonathan do it all.

Written by Zestorm

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