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Every cheat and tip for NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC

On the “Tonight's Match-Up” screen, enter these codes with the Turbo, Shoot and Pass buttons the number of times shown, then press the Pad or Stick in the direction indi-cated by the code (For 4-3-2 Up, you would press Turbo, Turbo, Turbo, Turbo, Shoot,Shoot, Shoot, Pass, Pass, Up).

Tournament Mode: 1-1-1 Down
Show Shot Percentage: o-o-1 Down
Show Hotspot: 1-0-0 Down
No Hotspots (2p must agree): 2-0-1 Up
Big Head Mode: 2-0-0 Right
Team Uniform (2p must agree): 4-0-0 RightAlternate Uniform: 4-3-0 Right
Midway Uniform: 4-0-1 Right
Home Uniform: 4-1-0 Right
Away Uniform: 4-2-0 Right
Mascots: On the “Choose Option” screen, select the “Enter Initials” option. When asked to “Enter Name for Record Keeping,”choose “Yes.” Now put in the name and pin number for the team of your choice.

Hawks: HAWK/0322
Hornets: HORNET/1105
Bulls: BENNY/0503
Nuggets: ROCKY/o0201
Rockets: TURBO/1111
Pacers: BOOMER/0604
Timberwolves: CRUNCH/0503
Nets: SLY/6765
Suns: GORILA/0314
Sonics: SASQUA/7785
Raptors: RAPTOR/1020
Jazz: BEAR/1228

Written by Zestorm

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