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Every cheat and tip for NBA Hangtime

Awesome Codes

Enter the following codes at the Team Matchup Screen:

Big Heads : HAUT, , Turbo and Pass at the same time

Bigger Heads : HAUT, HAUT, Pass and Turbo.

Shot Percentage : Rotate the D-pad clockwise from the Up position.

No Tag : GAUCHE, GAUCHE, Pass and Turbo.

No Drift : Hold BAS, when entering a matchup, then when in the matchup, Shoot, then Turbo.

ABA : Hold DROITE, when entering matchup. Still holding it, hit Shoot, Turbo, Pass.

Numbers codes

When at Tonight's Matchup Screenenter these codes using the A, C-BAS, C-DROITE buttons:

025—Baby Mode

048—No Music

111—Tournament Mode

120—Fast Passing

273—Stealth Turbo

284—Max Speed

390—No Pushing

461—Max Turbo

552—Hyper Speed

616—Max Blocking

709—Quick Hands

802—Max Power

937—Goal Tending Rarely Called

Duplicate Players

Go to the Options Screen and choose "Enter Name." At the next screen, put in the player's last name (as shown below in caps) and then put in 0000 for his PIN number. By doing this, you'll access the character's twin with hidden attributes. The names listed here are the duplicate players that work with this trick:

AHRDWY (Penny Hardaway)

CLIFFR (Cliff Robinson)

DAVIDR (David Robinson)

DREAM (Hakeem Olajuwon)

ELLIOT (Sean Elliot)

EWING (Patrick Ewing)

GLENNR (Glenn Robinson)

GHILL (Grant Hill)

HGRANT (Horace Grant)

JOHNSN (Larry Johnson) will be maxed out!

KEMP (Shawn Kemp) Player Inspection: At the Create Player

KIDD (Jason Kidd) Screen, press any of the C buttons to rotate

MALONE (Karl Malone) your player in any direction.

MOTUMB (Dikembe Mutombo) Bonus Points: At the Season Mode•tvlain Menu

MOURNG (Alonzo Mourning) Screen, enter this code for extra bonus points whenever you enter it: C-GAUCHE, C-GAUCHE,

MURSAN (Gheorghe Muresan)



RICE (Glen Rice)

SMITS (Rik Smits)

STAKH (Jerry Stackhouse)

STARKS (John starks)

WEBB (Spud Webb)

WEBBER (Chris Webber)

Play at Rooftop at Night

When at the Tonight's Matchup Screen hold STICKGAUCHE and press Turbo (3X) to play a game on the Rooftop at Night.

Written by Zestorm

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