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Every cheat and tip for Mace: The Dark Age

Secret Characters

These tricks will give you extra characters in the game! Just follow the methods for the results shown below:

War Mech and Ichiro : When the Legal Screen appears, press BAS, DROITE, GAUCHE. You will hear a sound, and you may now choose them from the Character Select Screen.

Grendal : Win three matches against three human opponents. After three wins, go back to the Character Select Screen and press and hold START, on the Executioner. Choose him with A or B.

Ned the Janitor: On the Character Select Screen, press START, on the following characters in this order: Koyasha, Executioner, Lord Deimos. Then go to Xiao and press A or B.

Pojo the Chicken: Choose Taria and defeat a human opponent with her Execution move (stand about Foot Sweep-distance away, hold the Strong button and let go). Before the next match, press START, on controller two. Back at the Character Selection Screen, move down to Taria's profile and hold START, . Pojo will appear in place of Taria! Keep holding START, and press  A or B to choose the chicken. On this screen, player two may also pick Pojo by holding START, on Taria's profile.

Small Mode

Good things come in small packages, so they say. That may actually be true in this case! Here's a fun cheat to enter in this game that will enable you to fight as small characters. While playing in Vs. Mode (both controllers plugged in) go to the Character Select Screen. Highlight and press START, on each of these characters in this order: Takeshi, A1' Rashid, Ragnar arid Xiao Long. After doing so and if time permits, you may choose a different character. Then when you begin the match, you should start off in Small Mode!


Written by Zestorm

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