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Every cheat and tip for Lylat Wars

Follow the Numbers: On the Title Screen, press the B button once and then start rotating the analog joystick around until the number 64 on the end of the logo begins to move. Now you can move it anywhere on the screen and the characters will follow it with their heads! Let go of the stick and it will return to its original position.

Go to Sector Y from Corneria: On the first planet, Corneria, your wingman Falco will be attacked by three ships. The easiest way to take them out is with a homing blast by holding the Fire button and then letting it go on the middle ship. This will destroy the others as well. After a little while, you will see arches made out of rocks. Make sure you go underneath each arch. Falco will then lead you into the waterfall (where you couldn't go before) and you will soon be fighting a different Boss. You may recognize him as the Boss from the first Star Fox game. After defeating him, you'll be led to Sector Y.

Go to Aquas: In Sector Y, get 100 kills or more to go to the planet Aquas.

Go to Sector Z: In Zoness, you must shoot down all the floating spotlights in the stage. You will then move onto Sector Z after you finish this stage.

Get a Warp to Titania: When you're in the meteor field Mateo, make it past the checkpoint and soon you will see rings made of light-blue triangles. Go through all seven of these, and you will warp into a strange world full of power-ups and then you'll end up on the planet Titania.

Get a Warp to Sector Z: At around the halfway point of Sector X, move to the left side of the screen and stay in that general area. Eventually, you will have a choice of the direction of two arrows. Pick the left one and soon you will be faced with a few grey/white rectangular gates. You must shoot these constantly until they turn red, andthen they will open. This is nearly impossible with anything other than the blue double laser. Make sure you have this weapon before getting to this point. Once you have passed through the last gate, you will warp! Avoid the rotating shapes and shoot the enemies to survive in this alternate world. Then you'll end up going to Sector Z.


Written by Zestorm

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