Nintendo64EVER - Every cheat and tip for Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside
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Every cheat and tip for Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside

Big Head Code

This code will give all of the players on the court big heads!

To do this, press START, to pause in the middle of any game. Using the directional pad and the buttons, press DROITE, DROITE, GAUCHE, R, Z, START, A, STARTA, START, Z

Now press START, to resume your game and everyone on the court will now have huge heads!

Disco Basketball Court

While you are in the middle of a game, press START, to pause. Then press A, C-HAUT, BAS, HAUT, C-BAS, R, R, B, C-DROITE, C-DROITE, Z. Then unpause the game. The court's floor will be flashing with many colors and the crowd will be gone!

Secret Teams

This trick unlocks three hidden teams. At the Main Menu Screen, highlight Pre-season and hold L. While holding it, press A. At the Pre-season Matchup Screen, scroll right until you reach the symbols for three new teams: the Nintendo Gamers, Nintendo Plumbers and the Left Field Lefties.



Written by Zestorm

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